Holding Hands with Elderly Patient

Project Compassion began in 1972 when Gloria White visited a friend living in a nursing home. She was stunned by the number of residents who had no visitors. It started as a one-to-one visitation program and that is still the heartbeat of the organization.

What We Do: Our mission is to bring joy, companionship, and quality of life to residents of nursing homes.

How: Over 300 volunteers provide one-to-one visitation, assist with group activities such as cards, crafts, bingo, and pet and music therapies. There is never a fee for our services.

Our annual holiday gift drive, Hearts of Gold strives to provide a meaningful Christmas gift to the residents in every facility we serve. Gift ideas include sweat suits, pajamas, socks, house shoes, etc. For many residents, especially those with no family, these may be the only new items they receive that year.

Where We Serve:
Arkansas Counties: Crawford, Franklin, Logan, and Sebastian
Oklahoma Counties: LeFlore and Sequoyah

Our Values and Beliefs

  • It is easy for productive members of society to overlook nursing home residents and their basic needs.
  • Society defines itself by how it cares for those who are dependent: the young, the old, and the infirm.
  • The need to belong, to be of value, and  to have friendship can be met by caring volunteers.
  • Nursing home residents deserve respect for the contributions they have made to society and to know that their lives matter.
  • No one is too young or too old to feel cared about and loved.

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Hearts of Gold Open House

Gift Collection for Residents of Area Nursing Homes

Tuesday, December 2nd @ 11:30am – 1:00pm at the Saint Scholastica Retreat Center, Room 110. There will be Refreshments Served and Drew Michaels from 40/29 will emcee!

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Caregiver’s Program

We are hosting a Caregiver’s Program for individuals who are age 60+ and are caring for a family member in the home OR for any caregiver of a family member who is age 60+. Melissa Curry from the Alzheimer’s Association will be speaking on the topic: Communication Tips for Caregivers of Alzheimer’s Patients.Lunch will be served. Please …

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